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Request an Appointment

We are excited to serve your family by providing low cost spay and neuter surgeries to your pet(s)! There are some things to know before requesting an appointment and you can read up on them below: 

Age/Weight Requirement

All pets must be at least 8 weeks of age and under 7 years old.


They also need to be over 2lbs in weight to have surgery at our clinic.

Drop Off/Pick Up

For our Yigo Clinic:

Drop off is 8am-9am.

Pick Up is 3pm-4pm.

Drop off/Pick up times may vary for remote community clinics, refer to your confirmation email for details.

If late to check in your pet will be turned away, and if late picking up your animal there is a late fee.

Flea Disclaimer

If an animal comes in with fleas we need to give a flea treatment to keep it from spreading to other animals at the clinic. This costs $5

Owner Release

All surgeries come with risks. Only the owners of the scheduled animal can sign the liability release form. You will have an opportunity to do so electronically, but if not signed electronically the owner will need to drop off the animal.

Bathing Recomendation

Bathing your dog is NOT required, but since they can not get wet for 2 weeks, it is recommended to bathe them prior to appointment.

Processing Requests

Appointment requests are processed during clinic hours Mon-Thurs 8am-4pm. You will receive an email confirmation once your request is finalized.

2 appointment limit per day.

Ready to request your appointment? 

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